Saturday, March 8, 2014

London, United Kingdom

My Trip to London. 

So, here's the mega post I promised you about my trip to London. You'll discover 5 outfits and many photos of the city that I chose among the photos that I took. Under each outfits I wrote where I bought the items that I am wearing. All the photos of the outfits are by Claire, she is a friend, she accepted with pleasure to travel with me to London.  

I'm wearing: Coat (Zara), Blazer (from my collaboration with Tailor4less), Shirt (WhoAU), Pants (ZARA), Shoes (Aldo in Mr B'S collection), Bow tie (Primark UK), Glasses (ZeroUV)

That's what I was wearing when I arrived the first day.  

I'm wearing: Leather Jacket (Topman UK), Red and Black Shirt ( River Island), Black Jeans (H&M), Shoes (Dr Martens)

We were hanging out near Oxford Circus and decided to shoot at Carnaby Street. I fell in love with the shoes in the Dr Martens store - temptation was too strong. 

I'm wearing: Coat (Zara), Denim shirt (WhoAU), Pants (Zara), Shoes (Aldo from Mr B'S collection). 
The scarf is Claire's one, I need to ask her where she got it. 

We took those photos the 3rd day near Buckingham Palace. By the way, we were the happiest guys on earth when we saw that the Royal Banner was standing upon Buckingham Palace, which meant that the Queen (God save the Queen !) was here; maybe standing up behind a curtain or something. So close from her! Then, we continued our walk and passed through Green Park and Hyde Park. 

This is Notting Hill Station, I love this photo because it illustrates how each part of London is looking different from the others. The houses' colors are so typical, it made me feel like if I was in a movie. 

I'm wearing: Leather jacket (Topman UK), Blue Shirt with Black Collar (Forever21), Black Jeans (H&M), Shoes (Dr Martens), Floral Tie (Primark)

I simply love my shoes because they are so British! I realized that in the UK everybody had a paire of Dr Martens. 

When France meets UK !

I've been meeting me friend Leonie, she is a blogger at London Dress. So, she took some photos for her blog. It was really pleasant to talk with her. I hope I'll see her again very soon. I invite you to take a look at her blog that's very inspiring with outfits and street style from London. 

I'm wearing: Coat (Zara), Red and Black Shirt (River Island), T-shirt (H&M), Blue Jeans (Levi's), Shoes (Dr Martens)

Walking around Holborn Station with my friend James. He saw us much of the city, and helped us to get an idea of how everything is close in the center of London. 

Ps: Je suis désolé pour les lecteurs français ne parlant pas anglais, mais je n'ai pas eu beaucoup de temps pour préparer ce post. J'ai donc du choisir entre l'anglais et le français, la majorité des lecteurs étant d'origine anglophone il m'a semblé plus profitable de poster l'article en anglais. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas les prochains posts seront traduits ;) 

Have an awesome day - Maxime