Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to Paris

 Photography by Rosa Pel-Tat

I'm wearing: Denim Jacket (Levis), Printed Shirt (H&M), Black Pants (H&M), White Shoes (Fils), Watch (Kenneth Cole New York)

Back to Paris. The idea to get in touch with my friend Rosa directly came to my mind. We decided to wait for the sun to be back though, to take photos because the weather was quite bad here this week. 
The shooting location is located near the Jardin du Luxembourg in a pedestrian street (it is perfect for taking photos without being bothered by cars all the time). Those little streets are what I missed the most when I was in NY
So, as it is pretty chilly these days here, I am wearing a jean jacket. Rosa wanted this outfit to look like a "90s style", and this jacket is typically 90s because it is a light denim color. The black pants are common, simple and they fit with everything. This was the first time I wore this shirt I bought at H&M on Broadway; I immediately fell in love with the prints when I saw it but I realized later that it would be difficult to find clothes to fit with. Here, I've found them! My shoes are from Fils; I love the soles!!!! The white color is perfect for the summer, but be careful that nobody steps on your feet or they'll be totally messed up!

De retour à Paris j'ai directement pensé à contacter mon amie Rosa avec qui j'avais déjà fait une collaboration cette année. Nous avons tout de même décidé d'attendre que le soleil fasse son retour pour faire des photos, la météo n'ayant pas été super ces derniers jours. 
Les photos ont été prises dans une petite rue piétonne près du Jardin du Luxembourg (c'est parfait quand on ne souhaite pas être dérangé par les voitures). Je vous avouerais que ces petites rues sont ce qui m'a le plus manqué quand j'étais aux États-Unis
Étant donné qu'il fait un peu froid ici je porte ma veste en jean. Rosa voulait faire dans photos autour d'un look "90's", la veste en jean est un classique de ces années là et qui reste toujours à la mode aujourd'hui. Le pantalon noir est également un classique qui va avec tout; c'est un incontournable, parfait quand on ne sait pas quoi mettre. C'est la première fois que je porte cette chemise, j'ai craqué quand je l'ai vu mais je n'ai pas pensé avec quoi je pourrais la mettre, alors que j'aurais peut-être dû y penser avant. Mais bon j'ai trouvé maintenant! Les chaussures sont des Fils, j'adore les semelles!!!! La couleur blanche est très tendance pour l'été mais faites tout de même attention à ce qu'on ne vous marche pas sur les pieds ça serait ennuyeux. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

New York City

 Photography by Mykola Hruts 

I'm wearing: White Basic T-Shirt (ZARA), Kaki rolled up Pants (Cheap Monday), Shoes (Dr Martens), Watch (Kenneth Cole New York)

And I am back!!! After all that time I am finally back on the blog, with a lot to tell you. During the last past months I had to face my exams on which I totally succeeded!! And, then I moved to New York for a month, which is why I didn't have time to post on the blog. I tried to enjoy the city and its energy as much as I was able to, and I decided to share it with you on instagram instead of posting on the blog. But, now that I am back, I can post all of the photos I took during my trip to the US (from NY to Philly and DC) because there are a lot!!!
So, this outfit is literally NY. It is light and perfect to wear in hot weather in a city like NY, where you've to pass from the AC to the 85°F sun all day long. I chose to wear those kaki pants from Cheap Monday simply because I liked them and that I believe this color is on its way to becoming really up to date this year( if it's not already the case). The white t-shirt is a basic; by rolling the sleeves it makes it just fitting with everything you want. My shoe choice; I bought those shoes in London and I wanted to wear them in NY to feel a bit different from all the New Yorkers, even though if I started to feel a bit like a New Yorker in my heart after all the time I spent there. You would have noticed that an American person would have chosen to wear sneakers instead of leather shoes, and it is definitely the truth during the summer. The watch is from Century 21(the brand is Kenneth Cole NY), this place in the US where you can get anything you want for 70% off; I got it for 60 bucks instead of $150 (which is not that bad), and it fits with my shoes. And the style wouldn't be finally complete without the $5 sunglasses that I bought on 6av.