Saturday, September 12, 2015

Front St

 Photography by Mykola Hruts

I'm wearing: Black and Grey T-Shirt (Topman), Black Pants (Zara), Superstar Snickers (Adidas), Black Belt (Dockers), Watch (Kenneth Cole New York), Ring (Topman)

You got lucky guys! I decided to go out and take photos one last time before I leave the beautiful New York City. After the last shooting my friend Mykola asked if I wanted to go take some other pics before I leave the city so that I could make a second post on the blog while I am here. We met up around City Hall and then walked for a bit until we found this really nice spot. I thought this location would be great because the street looks old and you can see modern buildings in the background.

As you know summer is getting to an end soon and it has been kind of cloudy over here these days. This is  the reason why I went for a all black outfit this time. I know last time I was suggesting you to wear a lot of white, but as the sun is gone I had to get back to black. It is is clearly the favorite color of New Yorkers, they love to wear everything black. 
I am wearing this nice black and grey t-shirt I bought at Topman on broadway. This one fits perfectly with my black chinos from Zara. Adidas shoes are very fashionable this summer; so if you don't have yours go get some! You won't regret it, they are really comfy. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

World Trade Center Station

 Photography by Mykola Hruts

I'm wearing: Shirt (COS), White Ripped Jeans (Zara), White Old School Sneakers (Vans), Watch (Kenneth Cole New York), Ring (Topman)

It has been a year since I left New York - I am finally back and it feels so good to be here! Last time that I was in the city I took some photos with my friend Mykola, so I had to ask him if he wanted to do that again and so we did. 

He had in mind this amazing all marble white corridor he visited during the winter located near the new One World Trade Center building in the Financial District. Seeing the pictures he showed me I directly agreed that it would be a great location to shoot and post the photos on the blog. And, it looks awesome! I like the way the lights are reflecting on the marble, creating this kind of perfect white atmosphere looking like if it was coming right from a futuristic movie. 

For this look, I have been inspired by New Yorker's outfits I noticed in the street during my first month staying here. 
Due to the heat and unbearable weather I would recommend wearing a lot of white items for this end of summer unless you want to stay hidden in the shade all day long. These white ripped jeans I got from Zara are really comfy and allow you to endure the heat thanks to those nice two holes; they almost feel like wearing shorts but you're still wearing pants. I am also wearing this long-sleeve shirt from COS. The material is so soft and light. You should go check out that store if you've never been there before; they do a lot of very minimalist clothing. There is one in SOHO or you can order on their website if there isn't any where you live. The shoes are the old school white Vans. I am going to really take care of them since it took me almost half a day to find them in a store because I didn't want to order them online; who would have believed that New York City doesn't have its own Vans Store and that the nearest one is in Jersey? 
I also wanted to inform you that I am certainly going to post a big article when l will be back home with all the photos I took of the Big Apple, including the ones on Instagram but in better quality. 

*Little tip to keep all of that white white: go to a Home Depot store and get a Clorox Bleach Pen, stains won't ever bother you again. 
(If anyone living in the city wants to go take some nice photos there - this is the access tunnel to the PATH Train at the World Trade Center station.)